About Zebra

Welcome to the World’s Leading Training Facility Outfitter.

Founded in 1997, Zebra offers premier-quality athletic flooring, mats, training equipment and accessories as well as expert facility consultation, design, installation services.

While our heritage is in Mixed Martial Arts and Martial Arts, we also offer a comprehensive line of products and services for the Yoga and Fitness communities.


A History of Innovation

Zebra was the first flooring company to market premium quality mat systems for all Martial Arts disciplines. We developed the first 25mm thick tatami style mat for the Striking Arts. We were first to market with specialty mat systems for Cardio Kick Boxing and Cardio Karate programs, adding specially coated vinyl to allow use of shoes without damaging mat finish and performance. When MMA became a mainstream sport, Zebra was the first to introduce texture less vinyl for use in No-Gi training. .

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Customers As Partners

At Zebra we know what it’s like to run a small business because we were a small business.  Our professionals will collaborate with you through every step of the process to make sure your vision is executed on time and on budget.

We partner with owners of gyms, dojos, studios and schools who serve highly disciplined athletes and members who are confident in challenging themselves to peak performance knowing they are supported by the safest, most durable equipment in the world.

Zebra has been fortunate enough to partner with some of the most premier and elite organizations and individuals on the planet.

Our trusted partners in grappling and jiu-jitsu include Marcelo Garcia, Charles Gracie and the Charles Gracie Association, Pedro Sauer and the Pedro Sauer Association, Leo Vieira and Checkmat, Eddie Bravo and 10th Planet, Claudio Franca and the BJJ Tour, Studio 540, and the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF)

In combat sports our partners include Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Smeaton Grange, Javier Mendez and AKA, Blackhouse MMA, Mike Winklejohn and JacksonWink MMA, John Crouch and The MMA Lab, Henri Hooft and Hardknocks 365, Tiger Muay Thai, and Greg Nelson, City Kickboxing, and The Academy. We work with premier organizations such as ONE Championship, Invicta FC, LFA, Bellator, and Driller Promotions.

In Traditional Martial Arts we are the trusted partner of the ATA, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, Midwest Aikido, Sabre League, Machida Karate Academy. Our mats are approved by the International Judo Federation.

Elite Athletes around the world trust Zebra as their official training mat including UFC fighters Robert Whittacker, Jacob Malcoun, Sean O’Malley, Cortney Casey, Jessica Eye, Lauren Murphy, Dan Moret, Scott Holtzman, Michelle Waterson, Peter Sobotta, and James Krause;  Bellator fighters Benson Henderson and Justin Wren; Invicta athlete and Muay Thai Champion Kaitlin Young; grappling champions Elisabeth Clay, Robert Drysdale, Mahamed Aly, Nathiely De Jesus, Manuel Ribamar, and Igor Tanabe Guimaraes.

We are also the official partner of martial arts super stars Shane Fazen and his popular fightTIPS channel, as well as and Channah Zeitung and her amazing journey.

These are just a few of the people we work with. Every day we help dreamers all over the globe reach their potential in training, in business, and in life.

Are you ready to dream with us?

Collaborate with Zebra today, call 1800 418 909 or email us here.

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Meet the Team

At Zebra, we know that a training center is a very personal space with a unique vision, goal and setup. The Zebra team strives to help owners make it all happen.

Whether that’s partnering to help you layout a brand new space, reimagine a current one or simply add a few new pieces of equipment to your offerings, we’ll be there every step of the way. At the end of the day, we are dedicated to partnering with companies like your own.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our team members directly, contact us via email or drop us a line over the phone 1800 418 909. We’d love to hear from you and can’t wait to get started making your next dream become a reality.

  • Joshua

    Joshua Street, Behind the scenes, Photoshoot

    National Sales Manager

  • Joshua

    National Sales Manager

    What’s your life story (in two sentences or less)?
    Born and raised in Sydney with a focus on exploring, enjoying music, and relaxing by the sea.

    What makes you unique from the people you work with at Zebra?
    My uniqueness shines through my light hearted approach; I’m always ready for a laugh, open for a friendly chat, and I embrace the workday with a relaxed, positive vibe

    What is your favourite part about working with Zebra’s customers?
    Undoubtedly, the ability to hear a customer’s idea of a dream space and working with them to achieve it. I also love the opportunity to speak to people who share the same interests as me every day.

    If you were opening a gym or yoga studio, which products would be your must-haves? Why?
    White everything! I would have the white floor mats, white wall pads, white heavy bags, and complete custom printing to finish everything off. So clean and bright!

    What else do you want customers to know about you?
    Whether you want a home gym or an internationally renowned gym—You will always get the same version of me!

    Joshua Street, Behind the scenes, Photoshoot +